Chartearing & Project Shipments

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For heavy, bulky and over-gouge cargoes , we are able to assist for you because our Professional team is passioned and has perfect understanding of Logisics operations.

We offer logistics solutions for specific cargoes which could not be transported by ordinary transportation methods because of their specific dimensions.

We provide vessel and air chartering for urgent sizeble cargoes. Finding a permanant and proper solution is our duty.

  • Transformers , Turbines and Generators Transport
  • Construction Machinery Transport (Excavators, Dozers, etc..)
  • Transport Power Plant
  • Transport of Non-Standard Load
  • Transport Power Plant
  • Concrete Plant Transport
  • Ship Machinery Transport
  • Yacht and Boat Transport
  • Wind Power Plants
  • Open Top Container Transport & Flat Rack Container Transport

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