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Sigma Logistics offers to its customers multimodal and intermodal Logistics solutions according to their needs. We adapt according to the wishes and needs of our customers with flexible supplies.

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Sigma Logistics adopts innovation and creativity as principle, since it foundation. With its headquarter located in Turkey (Istanbul) and branches in the U.S. (Houston) and Australia (Melbourne), Sigma team provide Logistics solutions to customer. Sigma Logistics’ main guidlines are competitiveness and determination. Because of these two guidelines, we provide reliable, professional and efficient logistics services to it’s customer.

We modernise and improve ourselves perpetually by following the development in Logistics sector. Thanks to these characteristics, Sigma Logistics creates Logistics solutions by considering timing and quality

Our Values That Make Us Who We Are

Firm culture is of great importance for Sigma Logistics because it plays a key role for the success of the business relationship between the customer and the logistics partner.

Customer Focused

Our primary focus is to identify, fulfill and maintain our customers' needs, demands and expectations.

Continuous Improvement

It is our priority to ensure the profitability of our company by increasing quality and efficiency, to follow the technological innovations simultaneously with the world and to present them to our customers.

Happy Employees

To spread the awareness of quality to all personnel, to increase their knowledge and skills through training, to adopt the principle of teamwork and thus to ensure their happiness.

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We are in Intermodal Asia Fair which will be held in China between 22-24 May 2019


We are at the Logitrans Fair on June 4-7.


22-24 May Intermodal Asia Fair.


We are only member member of NPSA from Turkey!